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Headphone Stand Headset Holder Aluminum Alloy Non Slip

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Color — Black
Desktop Organizer

The headset stand keeps the desk more organised and allows the headset to be displayed nicely when not in use. It is perfect for use on a desk or in a games room at home.

Wide Compatibility

It is about 22m from the U-shaped headband to the base, so the headphone stand fits all sizes of DJ gaming headphones. It is compatible with Beats/Senheiser/Sony/Bose/Philips/Jabra/JVC/JBL/AKG/DJ/Grado/Bluedio headphones and more.

ABS headphone holder

The soft rubber gives the headphones extra protection and minimises wear and tear on the headphones

Four rubber spacers on each corner of the base to increase the friction with the table and keep the stand stable

Made of aluminium

All aluminium alloy makes this stand lighter, more durable and able to withstand greater weight

Easy to Assemble

Simply snap the 3 parts into a smooth helmet mount in 3 seconds, giving the perfect centre of gravity to keep the helmet mount upright and you have a beautiful helmet mount.

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    • Make a home for your headphones

    • aluminium

    • Easy to disassemble, portable design

    • Bracket pusher

    • Anti-slip design

    • Colourful designs

    Made of aluminium, it is non-slip and stable, easy to dismantle and install.

    Made of aluminium alloy with a simple and atmospheric appearance, creating a different feel in the hand

    Exquisite craftsmanship beyond imagination, every detail should conform to humane design.

    The stand push plate is made of ABS and is durable, the middle groove is 5.5cm wide and fits most headphones

    The non-slip pad on the bottom of the base is designed to ensure the stability of the stand and to keep it steady on any material of the table.

    Two different colours to match your desktop



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