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Monitor light bar

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Hue and Brightness Stepless Adjustable

Adjust the hue and the brightness of monitor lamp base on the environment or your personal preference. Computer monitor lamp hue adjustment: warm light, cool light and natural light (From 2700K - 6500K). Brightness adjustment: 10% to 100%, 80 to 800 lumens. CRI (Color Rendering Index) ≥ 90, Restore the true colour.

No screen glare and eye protection

Comfortable illumination from 80 to 800 lumens relieves eye strain. 40 cm computer monitor light bar with asymmetrical optical design and perfect beam angle ensures zero reflected glare on the screen. e-reading led task lamp's high quality light source emits a soft light without any flicker to relieve eye strain and protect your eyes. Ideal for study, home and office use.

USB powered, space saving

Monitor lights save you valuable desk space. This USB powered monitor mount light can be powered directly from your computer, power bank or any USB socket

Memory function

The computer screen light restores your last brightness and tint settings exactly. The brightness of the screen light bar will automatically adjust to your last setting. the Led monitor light bar has a memory function for added convenience and understanding.


The Desktop Monitor Light is compatible with curved or irregular monitors. No screws, no tape, easy to install. Simply place the monitor light bar on the top of the screen.

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  • Nighttime without eye damage

  • Asymmetric light source design

  • Infinitely dimmable

  • Three-step colour temperature switch

  • USB Type-c Port

  • High adaptability

No screen reflection, magnetic swivel, no space required, suitable for laptop and desktop screens

The screen is more comfortable only if there is no reflection, the lamp body is beveled and directed to the desktop range

The brightness can be adjusted as you wish.
The brightness can be freely adjusted by touching the button, and the brightness can be infinitely adjusted by long pressing the on button to meet the needs of different environments and different people.

Three levels of colour temperature switching, no monotonous fatigue

White light, warm light, mixed light, three light modes, colour temperature 2700-5000K, to meet the needs of different scenes

USB Type-c port for power supply, no worries about changing the battery. Equipped with a power cable, powered devices are at hand; monitors, computers, USB adapters and rechargeable batteries can be powered.

A light hanging gives you a new lighting experience, straight, curved and with fish screens, all compatible.



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