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Adjustable RGB Charging Monitor Stand

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Color — Obsidian Black
4-Port USB Hub

4 USB ports for wireless mouse, keyboard, U disk, charging, gamepad controller and other connections.

RGB Light

9 different lighting modes to meet all gaming and everyday needs

Double Fold Design

Original length is 550 x 200 x 75mm. Can be adjusted to 410 x 200 x 75mm. Suitable for all deferent desk spaces.

Ergonomic Design

Elevate your laptop to a perfect viewing level and heighten the perspective, helping you maximise comfort during work and gaming

Easy Set Up

Plug and use, set up your monitor stand within seconds.

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    • 4-USB Port

    • RGB lighting

    • Double fold design

    • Mobile phone stand display

    • Storage

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    The 4 5V1A USB ports can be used for 4 parallel tasks at the same time, e.g. 2 USB drives 1 sd card converter, a charging socket

    Of course, you can use them in any combination you like!

    9 ways of RGB lighting, adjusted to best suit your desktop!

    Two folding options for different table sizes.

    You can put your mobile phone in the middle of the room and operate it in a split screen or switch between music on the go.

    The open storage space at the front can be used for everyday use such as sticky notes, pens or CDs.

    Can be matched with other products from the DESKI boutique station, a wider choice of colours and products is available at DESKI!



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