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Touch Lights Hexagonal Lamp

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Simple and unique geometric design, not only illuminates, but also decorates your house. Versatile as it can be placed anywhere in the home.

Durable materials

The wall lights are made of high-quality ABS and PC lampshade materials for an even and high light transmission. High quality LED beads. Lights have an average lifetime of 10,000 hours.

Touch Sensitive Wall Light

Creative modular touch sensitive wall light, the low power LED panel uses a capacitive proximity motion sensor to turn on or off with little effort. Use the hexagonal floppy disk to create any structure to suit your needs, then turn it on and off by touching it. This design allows you to effectively slide the light you want or need, turning your wall into a work of art

Easy Installation

Magnetic sides make adding to your design a breeze as they just click into place when you put the corresponding sides together. By isolating the contact between the different lights, a larger display can be achieved. Adhesive pads are included for mounting on a variety of surfaces. Simply peel and stick into place.

Monochrome Light Colour

Monochrome warm light colour, simple and more beautiful, suitable for installation in bedside, study, living room wall, can decorate the room, but also lighting, and at the same time can read

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    • Honeycomb connection in a variety of patterns

    • Magnetic connection

    • Power cable connection

    • Touch to turn on the light

    • Suitable for all kinds of walls

    • suitable for CLUB

    Spell it how you like, unleash your imagination and be the magician of light at your own pace.

    Easy to place with automatic magnetic suction on contact。

    Soft lines for a secure connection, adding peace of mind to your home.

    Easy to use, no stickers

    No hole punching required

    Peel off the protective film and you sticky, not easy to fall off.

    Can be suitable for KTV decorative lights, just the right amount of light, bright as you like, with great music.



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